Friday, May 14, 2010

Yummy Salad and Raspberry Beret!

Look, I'm not the best at tossing salads, but this salad was so scrumtious! Mushies, asparagus (that Lucy ate all of!), avos, capsicum yummy! I had it tonight with baked salmon with ginger and balsamic. It was  lovely. The rest of family had hubby's special spagbol.
I just bought Notebook mag and found a gorgeous article on crochet in it!  (See Royal Sisters blog)Lovely stars, teapots and teacups made in crochet! I'm so excited! I am going to make them all tomorrow as Lucy badly sprained her ankle at school playing netball yesterday and is on crutches -so no soccer tomorrow! Just lots of crochet! Yay! Lucy is NOT excited.
Hubby will take the twins to their soccer.
Check out the raspberry beret I made for Beth! Cute hey! I am going to try to write down all my hat patterns and put them on my blog to share. I might try this tomorrow too!

I love my daffies, but Nanna got me this gorgeous hyacinth too! I am a lucky girl! :-)

I am loving reading other blogs at the moment! There are so many talented and crafty women out there!

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