Sunday, May 23, 2010

More crochet...

More hats.

Pretty baby hat and purple hat made from my market purchase. Crochet is so lovely, and quick, but I think I may have to get back to kniting something. I could continue with striped cardi! I sold 5 pretty crochet flower clips and hair elastics yesterday!
My "knitting stations" as hubby calls them are getting a little out of hand. I have wool and needles everywhere! I might try to sort and organise this week!
:-) Faeryfay.


  1. I love your header - I'll let you see the salvia when it comes out.

  2. The hats are cute. I love purple but unfortunately purple doesn't love me!

  3. oh these are gorgeous little hats and I love your teacups from Michelle's pattern, I wish I could get the hang of crochet!!

  4. Love your crocheting!! If you like, I have a link party on my blog. You can add a picture and a link to your blog in my latest blog post. Hope to see you there because it's a great way of sharing.


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