Friday, May 7, 2010

crochet mad!

I'm on a roll! I've got quite addicted to crochet, again. I started with the little premmie hats, then started to make them bigger and bigger, until now I'm making a red adult sized one....with no pattern! I just start in the round and increase when I think I need to. The hats have a mind of their own! I'm using Panda acrylic at the moment - I rarely use acrylic, I like wool. But this one is so soft! I've also got some in dark purple. I'm having lovely fun making them.

The garden is starting to look a bit naked. Winter is certainly on it's way and feel a morning frost approaching!

Tomorrow we are off to the southside for a day of kid's soccer. It will be cold. I had physio on my shoulder today and it is feeling a bit better! My knees are still swollen and stiff though. Oh well, my fingers are ok, good enough to crochet!

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