Friday, March 12, 2010

Ohhh, it's lovely! I just can't help myself with baby
knitting! I'm knitting a gorgeous Vine Lace Hat from Knitting Daily in a soft Panda Lustre 8ply. The pattern is deliciously tricky! It is for a friend's baby for a naming ceremony in a couple of weeks. I'd forgotten how much I love knitting in the round. I'm also still plodding along with Beth's stiped cardi. I'm onto the left front side., having finished the back (see piccie). It is really long, and I should have done it on smaller needles I think. It is lovely yarn.

We've had a lot of rain and so the garden is green and weedy! Check out the picture of zucchini flower! We are having lovely Autumn days here, but the cold is doing awful things to my joints! My hips and knees are shocking, and my fingers don't bend from the middle knuckles at all, but I can still knit! Yay!

Big W has just started to bring in their winter yarns! It's so exciting. I went in the other day and a whole new area was dedicated to yarn! Wooohoo! I'm going to do some felted crochet flowers next and turn them into hair clips and hair elastics for my girls.

Keep knitting! :-)

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