Friday, March 20, 2009

Almost finished!

I am still going on the last bit of the cardigan. It's taking a while as life is getting in the way of my knitting this week! How dare it! Between teaching, family, friends and housework, there is little time left in the day! I am excited though, as I have to choose buttons to go on the cardi. I'm thinking wooden red ones, or brown ones. Plus, I only have one ball of Jet wool left and I'm hoping it will get me through (although I don't really think so)!

The weather here is getting cooler, with the golden Autumn light filtering through the clouds. I love this time of year and the garden does too! All too dry though. I am going to buy too many violas shortly. I can feel it. Oh, well. It is my birthday next week, so it's ok. I've also been buying too many knitting mags. Am also waiting to be invited on Ravelry.

That's about my update so far.

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